Capital Comets Dog Sports Club Membership & Governance

Capital Comets Dog Sports Club is a non profit society registered with the provincial government and as such has a set of bylaws registered under The Society Act of British Columbia.

These bylaws define membership and the process of becoming a member and outline the need for and proceedings at an annual general meeting. In addition, the bylaws guide the annual election and duties of the executive committee, of which the current members are as follows: 

Current club executive committee:

In addition, the club has six additional appointed directors:

  • Trial Committee Chair – Philippa Sloan
  • Agility Coordinator – Gerry Sloan
  • Equipment Manager – Dorothy Jones
  • Website Coordinator – Brad Temple
  • Seminar Coordinator – Ray Bronson
  • Social Coordinator – Karen Kelley

In addition to the bylaws, the club also has established a code of conduct which outlines the behaviours (canine and human) which the club has decided are necessary to ensure members’ and their dogs safety and the enjoyment of club activities, and also reflect responsible dog ownership.

Members may participate in all club affairs and activities* and in weekly practice sessions. If you are interested please complete a membership registration and fee payment application.  

*Members who own or operate a for-profit agility training business are not eligible to stand for election or be appointed as directors of Capital Comets.