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With the exception of Social Membership, to become a member of Capital Comets you must either be currently training in agility or be experienced in agility. If you wish to train in agility for the first time, please contact a local trainer (see separate section below) to start your agility career.

To express your interest in becoming a member of Capital Comets Dog Sports Club please complete the Capital Comets Application Form. Applications for membership are reviewed by the Board. Once you have submitted an application form, a member of the Board will contact you to confirm you have read and commit to the Membership Benefits and Club Expectations Policy and the Capital Comets Dog Sports Club Code of Conduct, will answer any questions you might have, and explain the final steps of the application process. Please do not forward payment until your application has been approved.

Please note, if you apply for a practice membership, you will be required to attend a “tryout” practice before we can confirm acceptance of your practice membership.

For the first 12 months, applicants approved for membership will be matched with an experienced club member as a primary point of contact, who will be available to provide general support. Within the initial 12 months members do not have voting rights and will not be able to stand for election to a Board position, but will otherwise have full membership status. At the end of the 12-month period, the club member who provided support during this time will provide a recommendation to the Board regarding full and continued membership eligibility.


Approval of your membership affirms you will adhere to the Capital Comets Dog Sports Club Code of Conduct and to the following waiver.


This waiver is directed to The Capital Comets Dog Sports Club, (hereafter called “the Club”). In consideration of the Club, I hereby (for myself, my heirs, executors, administrators and assigns) RELEASE AND FOREVER DISCHARGE the Club of and from any and all matters, suits, actions, claims, judgments, damages and demands whatsoever which I now or hereafter may have or shall have by reason of any loss, damage, injury or death (howsoever caused and whether caused by any act, default or neglect of the Club) resulting from me being in and about any such event carried out or sponsored by the Club, and I hereby assume all risk of such loss, damage, injury and death and I further agree to Indemnify the Club and save it harmless from any cost, damage, claim or expense resulting therefrom.


Tuesday night practices
Discounted cost of runs at Comets trials, and guaranteed trial entry if done within 72 hours of trial opening on Agility Rocks website
Subsidized cost of club-sponsored seminars and club clothing
Access to members-only section of club website
Invitation to all club social events, and a club-subsidized meal at annual Christmas party
Inclusion in club email list
Voting rights and eligibility for all club roles after successfully completing the initial 12-months of membership
One social membership for a family member




A practice place (i.e., CAD$180) is intended for a single dog. Additional practice places can be added for CAD$40 per dog.

Capital Comets membership application

What type of membership do you need?

What is your dog's jump height?

Would you like to add a second dog (+ CAD$40; Total = CAD$220)?

What is your second dog's jump height?

Would you like to add a third dog (+ CAD$40; Total = CAD$260)

What is your third dog's jump height?

Would you like to add a fourth dog (+ CAD$40; Total = CAD$300)

What is your fourth dog's jump height?

What is your dog's jump height?

Do you consent to having photographs taken of you on the club’s website?

OK - your preference has been recorded and we'll do our best not to photograph you...but if we do mistakenly post an image of you or a junior handler that you don't want public, please email the website coordinator ( and they will promptly remove the image(s) from the site.

I accept the waiver clause (NB, see above), and I have read and agree to adhere to the Capital Comets Code of Conduct (NB, see link above).

Oops - we can't process your membership application unless you agree to the club code of conduct and waiver! If you would like to discuss your concerns, please contact the Capital Comets Dog Sports Club secretary (

I have read and agree to adhere to the Membership Benefits and Club Expectations Policy (NB, see link above).

Oops - we can't process your membership application unless you agree to the club membership benefits and expectations policy! If you would like to discuss your concerns, please contact the Capital Comets Dog Sports Club secretary (

In addition to volunteering at club trials, I would be interested in assisting with the following (NB, please check any that apply):

Capital Comets Agility Pactice

Capital Comets offers weekly practices year round at the Saanich Fairgrounds at 1528 Stellys X Road in Central Saanich on Tuesday nights from 7 to 9 pm, except in August and over the December holiday season. All practices take place indoors in the Agriplex building on packed sand.

Tuesday night practice is a time for members of the club to train their dogs and spend time with like minded people. At each practice the equipment is set up in an unique way, giving members a chance to work on different skills. The practice format changes every other week: two courses, usually a Jumpers and a Standard course are set up one week, and the next week three short sequences of obstacles are set up to allow handlers to practice particular skills. Participants can choose to follow the numbered set up or focus on specific skills, such as gambling or perfecting their dogs performance on contact equipment (the teeter, A frame and dog walk).

The club welcomes new members to come to practice who can demonstrate that their dog has reached a level of training and skill to safely use all the different equipment independent of instructor help. All members at a practice have equal time (1 to 2 minutes) to try each course or short sequence. Practice nights are a great way for handlers to develop or refine their dogs skill, whether in preparation to trial, or just to have fun working with their dog.

To participate in club practice nights, a person has to be a club member with practice privileges. To obtain more information about participation in comets practice sessions please contact the club agility coordinator, or club secretary.

Dogs must be at least one year of age in order to participate in practice night, and they must be approved by the agility coordinator prior to taking part – this includes young dogs being added by existing Comets members.

At the discretion of the agility coordinator members are welcome to bring younger puppies to practice night to work on familiarization to the venue or socialization around people and dogs. As a courtesy to fellow club members please remember that not every dog loves a puppy and ensure that your training takes place at a reasonable distance from the practice set ups. As noted above, prior to being accepted for practice night, puppies are not permitted to use the equipment set out.

Membership & Governance

Capital Comets Dog Sports Club is a non profit society registered with the provincial government and as such has a set of bylaws registered under The Society Act of British Columbia.

These bylaws define membership and the process of becoming a member and outline the need for and proceedings at an annual general meeting. In addition, the bylaws guide the annual election and duties of the executive committee.

In addition to the bylaws, the club also has established a code of conduct which outlines the behaviours (canine and human) which the club has decided are necessary to ensure members’ and their dogs safety and the enjoyment of club activities, and also reflect responsible dog ownership.

Members may participate in all club affairs and activities and in weekly practice sessions. If you are interested please complete a membership registration and fee payment application.

Members who own or operate a for-profit agility training business are not eligible to stand for election or be appointed as directors of Capital Comets.

Agility Training in Greater Victoria

There are a number of qualified dog agility and obedience trainers in the Greater Victoria area. The following list represents a number of trainers and clubs that are known to Capital Comets.  Please note that this list is not intended as an endorsement and links are provided for information only.

Agility Organisations

Capital Comets operates in accordance with the rules and procedures established by the Agility Association of Canada (AAC). However, club members do participate in events conducted by other organisations and may they may be members of other clubs or associations. Below is a short list of agility organisations of interest to Capital Comets members.

Agility Equipment

There are manufactures of dog agility equipment in Canada, the USA, and Europe. The following list represents several equipment suppliers that are known to Capital Comets. Please note that this list is not intended as an endorsement and links are provided for information only. Second hand equipment is sometimes advertised on the Capital Comets Facebook page. It is also possible to make some dog agility equipment yourself.


  • Agility Coordinator – Gerry Sloan
  • Clothing Coordinator – Deborah Tolman
  • Documentarian – Philippa Sloan
  • Equipment Coordinator – Brett Kelley
  • First Aid Coordinator – Bobbi Leach
  • New Member Support Coordinator – Heather Alexander
  • Ribbon Coordinator – Amy Schmitt
  • Social Coordinator – Nancy Heath
  • Timing Coordinator – Lesley Bainbridge
  • Training Coordinator – Ray Bronson
  • Trial Committee Chair – Ali Edgell
  • Website Coordinator – Brad Temple

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