Capital Comets membership renewals are currently being accepted!


Membership renewal payments can be made by e-transfer or cheque.

Send your e-transfer to cctreasury@capitalcomets.ca or make your cheque payable to Capital Comets Dog Sports Club and mail to PO Box 157, Brentwood Bay, BC V8M 1R3.


Renewal of your membership affirms you will adhere to the Capital Coments Dog Sports Club Code of Conduct and to the following waiver.


This waiver is directed to The Capital Comets Dog Sports Club, (hereafter called “the Club”). In consideration of the Club, I hereby (for myself, my heirs, executors, administrators and assigns) RELEASE AND FOREVER DISCHARGE the Club of and from any and all matters, suits, actions, claims, judgments , damages and demands whatsoever which I now or hereafter may have or shall have by reason of any loss, damage, injury or death (howsoever caused and whether caused by any act, default or neglect of the Club) resulting from me being in and about any such event carried out or sponsored by the Club, and I hereby assume all risk of such loss, damage, injury and death and I further agree to Indemnify the Club and save it harmless from any cost, damage, claim or expense resulting therefrom.



What type of membership do you need?

What is your dog's jump height?

Do you require additional practice places (CAD$40 per dog)?

What is your second dog's jump height?

What is your second dog's jump height?

What is your third dog's jump height?

What is your second dog's jump height?

What is your third dog's jump height?

What is your fouth dog's jump height?

What is your dog's jump height?

Do you consent to having photographs of you on the club’s website?

OK - your preference has been recorded and we'll do our best not to photograph you...but if we do mistakenly post an image of you or a junior handler that you don't want public, please email the website coordinator (webadministrator@capitalcomets.ca) and they will promptly remove the image(s) from the site.

Are there any changes to your personal information?

Update personal information here

Do you agree to adhere to the Capital Comets code of conduct and accept the waiver clause?

Oops - we can't process your membership renewal unless you agree to the club code of conduct and waiver! If you would like to discuss your concerns, please contact the Capital Comets Dog Sports Club secretary (ccsecretary@capitalcomets.ca).